Freelance Mixing


Freelance Mixing Rate - $350.00 per song with a recall clause (More details)


Digidesign Control 24 Mixing consoleI try to mix 1 song per day, Monday through Friday.

Step 1 - I will email you a document that describes how to better prep your session. You will send me the files on DVD or you upload them to my FTP site (upon request) or provide the files on your own hosting site.

Step 2 - If the files need additional prep work, I will start prepping the files as soon as I get them. If I am mixing multiple songs, I prefer to have a few days to prep all the songs before starting mixing. That way, once I start, I can mix 1 or 2 songs each day and stay in the creative vibe of the material.

Step 3 - I start mixing in the morning and will upload a high quality MP3 or AAC of the finished mix later in the afternoon. I will email a link to download the song. I will then start mixing or prepping the next song.

Step 4 - Once you have heard all the mixes, we will be ready to make any recalls needed. (There are generally not a ton) I can also arrange to have a virtual mix session where I will send you a link and you can hear the song in a high definition audio stream LIVE over the internet. This is a PRIVATE stream for your ears only.

Step 5 - After all the mixes have been approved, I will burn data DVDs and send them off to mastering. If you would like info on mastering engineers, I will gladly recommend a few that I use often.

Step 6 - Everything is backed up at Monument Sound in my library for safe keeping and ease of later recalls if needed.

I look forward to mixing your next project!

Check out some of my samples below

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