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Mix Rate: Please contact mixer This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at the studio


Upon final mix approval, all mixes delivered will include:


  • Approved Stereo mix
  • Broadcast mix (lead vocals removed)
  • Instrumental mix
  • Other stem prints available upon request




Monument Sound prides itself on its mixing.  We are not on a specific time frame to rush mixes out the door while looking at the clock.  Now, we do stick to deadlines (or at least try) but we are not like some of these shotgun studios who get you in and out in 3 hours with a full record.  Our name and quality have been what we are known for, and we want to have you as clients back for more work in the future. 

Monument Sound's owner Chris Andrews is the brains behind the studio and the mixing.  He has been a freelance mixer for 12 years and a studio owner the same.  He usually spends countless hours in the studio listening to client material, figuring out where your song wants to go.  Sounds bizarre but Chris feels that each song has a place and a end goal - It's the mixers job to find it.

Chris is primarily a rock, punk, pop rock and country mixer.  His mission is to make your music have punch and a solid vibe.  "I want to make it punch you in the head, knock you down and the have it punch you again as you are getting up to catch your breath." 

Chris will definitely strive to take your music to the next level.  He tries to make every client retain their own sound, while still having them say, "Yep - that's a Chris Andrews mix!"  Every group or artist has a sound and that is Chris's goal as a mixer to retain and build to the next level sonically. 

If you use the studio and Chris to mix your next record we have a process to make things go as smooth as possible.  We offer an in house consultation to figure out your end goal.  If you are an out of state client we use Skype for communication.  The goal of the consultation is to preview any material and figure out a plan of attack, take notes on specific items and figure out a timeframe that it will take to make this happen.  Chris will then mix your material and submit the tracks to the website for review.  You as a client will have a user logon and a specific section that you can listen to tracks, make appropriate comments for changes, etc and then Chris will apply those fixes.  If more detail is needed we can certainly talk to you on Skype and do recalls using our integrated streaming software Source-Live, that allows a private playback to specific users in real-time.  With 3 recalls per track there is plenty of room to make your material the best it can be. 

Once the tracks are complete, Chris will submit the final prints for mastering either in-house, or to any of our partnered mastering houses for the final touches.  This is dependent on the budgets, but is considered a critical part of the mixing process (please see our Mastering section for more details)

We look forward to working with you on your next record.







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