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MASTERING: $100.00 per song


Mastering audio is the final step before the artist sends the material off to mass duplication. Mastering in our mind is the most important phase of the process and can make or break the record. Monument Sound really strives to make their clients sound the best and will highly recommend sending your product out to master at another mastering facility if you did the project with us. It is the last set of fresh ears that can really put the stamp of greatness on the material. We use a few different mastering houses dependent on the material and budget for the artist. All are great and have equal strengths in our book.


However, budgets take a big part in today's economy and Monument Sound is definitely equipped for any mastering need. If we are tasked to master we will use every piece in the arsenal to make your material sound radio ready and dynamically sound. We are not in competition for the loudness war and feel that dynamics are a huge deal in music clarity and sonic structure. If you want it louder, turn up the volume knob!


We use Benchmark converters for our main A/D and D/A in and out of Pro Tools, while our Lynx and Apogee converters play the other role in clear A/D D/A for our outboard gear. This combination along with the extensive outboard and software plug-in selection makes our mastering a budget option that should not be passed over. The latest state of the art audio limiting software from Steven Slate Digital allows us to slam or tame your material to perfection, while our outboard compressors give the warmth your music deserves.  We have plenty of options to make your music shine.


Your material can be easily uploaded to our servers to make transfer quick and painless. After we work our magic, we can securely post your material to allow ease of listening and download, as well as an integrated comments section for any needed changes.  If we need to go further we can Skype or simply call you depending on where you are in the world.

Get with us today and talk about your final step to make your project shine!

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